arm_info Struct Reference

#include <jt_arm.h>

Data Fields

Field Documentation

endian 1 = big, 0 = little, 2 = not distinguishable (due to wrong test pattern)

jedec vendor id

jedec string

revision number of ARM core

revision number of Embedded ICE

device description e.g with or without mmu

string of device description

standard, E or J

string ''

cp15 info string

length of cp15 info string

1 = has CP15, 0 = has not

machine has THUMB support

this dose increases the PC with extra steps

with memory management unit

with protection unit

with cache

this is a STR91x machine with embedded flash

this is a STM32F10x machine with embedded flash

info of start of embedded RAM (STM32 only)

STM32F10x dbmg idcode register

STM32F10x flash Size register

STM32F10x ram size register

STM32F10x low density machine

STM32F10x medium density machine

STM32F10x high density machine

STM32F10x revision

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